Vegetarian Diets

Plant-based eating isn’t just for hippies. Many people choose plant-based diets for a variety of reasons and benefits. These include religion, respect for life, animal welfare, concern for the environment and overall well-being.

You can probably guess that Mohatma Ghandi was a vegetarian. But did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin are also thought to have been plant-based eaters?

Modern-day vegetarians are also in good company. Celebrities like Paul McCartney, Ellen DeGeneres and Pamela Anderson, presidents like Bill Clinton and even world-class athletes like Carl Lewis and Martina Navratilova avoid meat too.

Vegetarian eating has gotten so popular that terms like “vegetarian” or “plant-based” are now too generic. Is someone vegan, lacto-vegetarian or lacto-ovo-vegetarian? Flexitarian or pollo-pescaterian? Make sure you know which. They may sound alike, but to a passionate vegetarian these distinctions are crucial.

If you’re a plant-based eater, we’re here to make sure you’re never left out.

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