No Highly-Processed Foods diet

Some food products are prepared through modern, non-traditional methods that significantly modify ingredients as they naturally occur. Others include ingredients that are chemical or highly processed such as artificial or man-made colorants, preservatives, additives or sweeteners. This is particularly true for many consumer packaged foods.

This diet template excludes foods that involve such features. However, foods that traditionally undergo some degree of modification or preparation using natural ingredients and methods such as aging of cheese, fermenting of alcohols and smoking of meat products are not excluded in this diet.

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About This Diet

Foods that are restricted include:
Processed sugars.
Artificial additives.
Foods that require extensive, non-traditional processing to make.

Foods that are maybe OK in certain instances include:
Refined grains.

Note: The degree of processing of a certain food can vary significantly based on ingredients, recipe and maker. If you prefer less processed foods, look for ingredient labels that are short, contain real food and don’t have chemical or artificial ingredients.


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