Medical Disclaimer

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Last revised 4-02-2019.

No online data, whether or not on the Selectivor Portal (“Portal”), should ever be used as a substitute for the advice provided by a qualified and licensed healthcare professional, who is best placed and licensed to diagnose and recommend treatment of health problems and diseases. Always consult your healthcare provider before making any dietary or nutritional changes or decisions.

Selectivor operated by EatID, Inc. is not a substitute for consultation and advice provided by qualified and licensed medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

Any nutritional information found on the Portal is made available by other Users like yourself as part of their participation in a general discussion community of Users. The Portal may also, from time to time, display or aggregate popular food information and popular educational data gathered from various sources including online and books. EatID does not itself create original food information or educational data.

Be mindful at all times, including when navigating the Portal, that (i) other Users’ content may be misleading, (ii) food, beverage and nutritional supplements formulations can and do change constantly, and (iii) any data gathered online, whether or not on the Portal, may be outdated, misleading, incomplete or erroneous.

You should verify fitness for consumption by contacting manufacturer directly and reading labels on products, including ingredients, nutrient content, health claims, food allergen and contact information, before consuming a product. You should also consult your qualified and licensed healthcare professional for safety and suitability prior to consuming, serving or recommending any food or food-related product including packaged foods, prepared foods and recipes.

Consult only qualified and licensed practicing experts for your area of concern. EatID does not endorse any diet and does not provide health or medical advice.

No tool or information found on our Portal including but not limited to User compliance, progress and symptom trackers is intended to give medical advice or guidance. Consult your qualified and licensed healthcare provider for such tools, information, advice or guidance.