Colitis diet

Colitis is inflammation of the colon. It can be caused by things such as infection, radiation and poor circulation. Another cause are autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which affect about 1.6 million Americans.

Generally, foods that have a rough, scratchy texture that can scrape our intestinal lining are best avoided. Also, avoiding foods that are otherwise irritating to the intestines can help.

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About This Diet

Foods that are restricted include:
Seeds, seeded fruits and vegetables, and skin-on or uncooked produce.
Whole grains with rough texture.
Gas-producing foods.
Spicy foods
Very fatty foods.

Foods that are maybe OK in some instances include:
Carbonated drinks.
Fruit with edible skin.
Tough meats.
Refined sugars.

Foods that are OK include:
Fruits and vegetables with skins and seeds removed, and that are cooked or pureed to soft consistency.
Nut butters or nuts that are well-chewed.

Note: Consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

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