Our mission is to help everyone feel their best through food.

Our People

Steven Tan, MD, MTOM

Physician Co-Founder, CEO

Steven is an integrative medicine specialist and fellow selective eater. He was inspired to create a fun, powerful tool to help his patients and others feel their best through food and ensure that those with eating needs are never left out.

Daniel Lemin, MBA

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel is the bestselling author of two books about marketing (Manipurated and Talk Triggers). He leads marketing and sales as well as brand strategy. He started his career at Google in marketing and communications.

Flavia Moraes, DGA

Chief Creative

Flavia is the internationally-acclaimed, award-winning and prolific director behind thousands of commercials, documentaries, features and concerts. Her creative vision keeps Selectivor beautiful, fun and engaging.

Evelina (Vica) Nabuco

Chief Culinary Expert

Vica blends her background in European and Latin culinary arts with training at NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute. Her food knowledge keeps Selectivor’s content practical and relevant to modern eaters and chefs.

Marcos (Rasta) Schestak

Chief of Technology

Rasta is a veteran tech industry expert and founder of BASE Digital and BASE Labs. He is an enthusiast of all things tech and leads our expert teams that make Selectivor innovative, powerful and captivating.

Marcelo Halpern, MS

Chief of Product

As both a professor of Persuasive Technologies and a product lead for top international brands, Marcelo creates a Selectivor universe centered on our users. He crafts the journey that keeps members of the Selectivor community engaged.

Our Medical Expert Advisory Panel

  • Kirsten Tillisch, MD, Chief of Integrative Medicine at the Greater Los Angeles VA and Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA
  • Lynne Bui, MD, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, and Chairman of Global Cancer Research Institute
  • Thuy Tran, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, UCLA, and Founder and Director of Global Health Force
  • Nancee Jaffe, MS, RD, UCLA
  • Deeling Teng, MD, Healthcare Foundation Senior Executive
  • Indu Subramanian, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA
  • Lidia Zylowska, MD, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
  • Linda Anegawa, MD, University of Hawaii
  • Joel Isackson, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA 
  • Mehrdad Arjomandi, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSF
  • Miguel Valdes-Suieras, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA

Feel your best
through food.

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