Parent Allergy Info Center

Food Allergy Info Center for Parents

If you have a child with food allergies, things that other parents take for granted – such as dropping your child off at school or at a play date – can be very scary. You probably know every detail of your child’s food allergy, but do others?

One of our goals is to help you keep your child safe.

Selectivor allows you to conveniently create a food allergy profile for your child. More importantly, you can share your child’s profile with others. Letting others know about your child’s unsafe foods is a vital step in protecting your child from accidental food exposures.

We’re also here to make you feel more confident, informed and prepared. To save you time and effort, we organized in one convenient place the information you need to know about food allergy safety. You’ll find informative videos and downloadable resources that will make the process less stressful. Most of our resources are easily shareable so you can help spread the word.

Finally, since food allergy is no light matter, please be sure to double check all foods for safe consumption. Do not rely solely on technology (including ours or any others) or the diligence of others to stay safe.

Food Allergy Essentials for Parents

It can be overwhelming figuring out what’s critical to know about food allergies. This short presentation is good place to start. You’ll learn what a food allergy is, which are the most common foods that cause allergies, symptoms to look out for, what to do in case of symptoms including common medications recommended by doctors and how to keep your child safe in the classroom.

Food Allergy Emergency Care Plans (ECP)

Your child’s school or teacher may require you to obtain an ECP for your child before starting school. ECPs are doctor-prescribed instructions that tell educators what to look for and what to do in case your child has allergic symptoms or a food exposure. This quick presentation will tell you what these plans look like, things they cover and why they’re important for keeping your child safe.

Download Sample ECP

Useful Letter Templates

To save you time, we’ve included two letter templates (one to other parents and one to teachers/administrators) that describe how Selectivor can be used to keep students safe. You can customize them in seconds, print and distribute.

Download Letter Template to Teachers

Download Letter Template to Other Parents