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Selectivor helps you always eat your way.

We’re all selective about our food preferences. But it’s hard for us to eat our way when everyone around us tries to eat their way.
Since food brings us together, we need a better way to eat together.

So we built Selectivor, a social food app.

We feel that everyone should be included and that no one should be left out because of a food restriction. Selectivor lets you to create and share your own customized food profile so others are aware of your needs. It makes food planning a snap by instantly letting you know the common foods everyone can enjoy together.

With Selectivor, everyone is included.


How Selectivor Can Help You

If You’re An Event Host

If You’re An Event Guest

If Your Child Has A Food Allergy

Diet Info Center

No matter how you eat, you’ll
likely find it on Selectivor.

Our app is powered by a physician-curated database of nearly 80 diet templates and
600 individual foods.

Plus, our diet info center is packed with trustworthy information on all sorts of diets. Feast your eyes on gorgeous videos that you can share on your social feed to make your followers drool!

Learn More About Diets

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Food Allergy Info Center

If you or a loved one has food allergies, letting others know is an important way to avoid accidental food exposures and to stay safe.

Selectivor is here to help. 

Our food allergy info center brings everything you need to know in one convenient place.

We also created pages dedicated to educators and parents of children with food allergies. Here you’ll find valuable info about food allergies, mouthwatering videos and toolkits filled with downloadable resources.

Explore Food Allergy Safety